úterý, února 20, 2007

neděle, února 04, 2007

Temple of God

I wondered to which blog I should post this article, and I have decided for the church one. It`s all about church anyway.

Today we had a wonderful preacher who preached about a Temple of God. (I preached).
We read from the old testament, 1. Chronicles 28:1-10,20-22. Its all about David`s desire to build a temple of God for Him. He was told to leave this task for Salomon, his son.
New testament says we are the temple of God (1. Corinthians 3) and so we are to be built in His image, according to His plans. He is building the temple in us. We are to let Him and His Holly Spirit work in us, to it would be made of gold and precious.

That was a core message of today`s lesson. People liked it.
Thank You God for leading the worship today.