neděle, července 30, 2006

Slow July

Hello guys,

July was kind of slow in Brno. All the month it is so hot here that we are glad to be alive. It is nice to see that people stay healthy, and keep coming. The only exception to attendance is vacation time.

Today`s worship service was the one I was in charge of the preaching for the third time. Unfortunately I didn`t preach today, I prepared a prayer service. We prayed for the peace in our life, and in the world.

We prayed for:
czech scene political parties to be able to come to a conclusion after June`s election.
Israeli and Lebanon situation.
Kosova situation and negotiations over Kosova independence

I will be happy to hear from anyone.

Have an ice summer.

sobota, července 01, 2006

Iva Strapcova`s wedding


Iva(bride) and her father are in this picture waiting the crowd to get ready for the walk down the road to the final ceremony.
Iva Strapcova married Paul Ramgabs on June 24th, 2006. Lovely day, lovely couple. Owesome. A reason to praise God.

Halelujah. Posted by Picasa