pátek, května 19, 2006



I tried to post this picture five days ago, but Picasa didn`t work properly, so I cold post it. Hope this time it will be better.

This this is Randy, and behind him there is Darina. We toured the city. Posted by Picasa

pátek, května 12, 2006

Sorry for delay

To all of you faithful readers of the blog sorry for not updating this blog last week or so. It was for a simple reason- I were out of city and therefore I could write reports how is the church doing. So.

Why I wasn`t at the church you can read here

This weekend we host a visitor- US missionary in Latvia. It might be interesting to meet him and share, encourage,etc. I will keep you updated.

And I`ll write more about the Sunday church- on Sunday.

May God bless you.
In His name,