neděle, listopadu 20, 2005

An Idea

This is an idea about spreading Good news.
We meet on regular basis, we sing, we pray, we do church activities, but to be honest I feel too much like we spend so much time on self preservation of the church, and too little on speading good news.
I know that there is a chance to get into a student programs trough various christian colleges and universities such as AIM, Go-Net, etc. I would like to participate in such plans and to create an environment for students to come to city of Brno and to help spreading good news in this city.
We have a good location in the downtown of the city for church meeting that we use during the weeks also. There is a room for students to meet their teachers, and prepare lectures on various Biblical topics. We just do not have people to be part of it.
I personaly do not like such a situation, so I would love to change it.
Would you help us, please?
For further information about the idea mail me at my email address
or go to see pictures of the city of Brno and surrounding area.

Meeting at the worship 2

We meet,
we sing,
we pray,
but what can we do
to bring Gospel in every home?
We can pray,
we can seed,
we can watter
but it all depends on Him
to let the seed grow.
I pray so that we can find ways that are not our ways,
but ways of God.
Because it is all for Him that we spread Good news.

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Meeting at the worship service

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