čtvrtek, března 31, 2005

New pictures- Matt Elliott at seminaire in Brno

There it was, in the city of Brno, Matt Elliott gave his Godly advices on how to be more efective in leading at the church. It was lovely time, especially coffee brakes. Pictures are posted here.

Honza D.

Purpose of this blog

At the begining, I would like to explain to you how I got inspired to start this blog. I used to be very negative about blogging, but after a visit of Matt Elliott to Brno church I have realized that it is a good and usefull way to keep people informed about what is going on in the church. So here it is, and I hope you`ll visit it on regular basis and give me a feedback.
Honza Dadak

P.S. Sorry for all gramar mistakes. English os not my mother`s tongue.