pondělí, března 30, 2009

body of Christ

Dear Brother  in Christ,
Morning greetings to you and your family praise the Lord:
The bearer is  brother Preacher in the Church  of Christ from Surigao City Philippines .I'm working in the gospel of Christ that was l997until now and currently we were still faithful and continuously working in the vineyard of God over here in Surigao City . My works were divided in three locations known as Brgy. Taganito, Brgy. Mat- i and Brgy. Baliw. It will take two hours in going each brgy before I could arrive. It was very hard. As full timer preacher I cant denied me together my family that we were struggle very much in our monthly needs. The brethren of the church cannot sustain our monthly needs due to hardship in life and too much crises arise in our country Philippines . Therefore, I pray and come to you with all my heart and soul to ask your help of prayer concerning in our situation which seriously very a need. We need sincerely your help of benevolent in loving compassion and assistance being steward of God in considering of my request before the body of Christ relevant of my spiritual work as my spiritual endeavor being one body of Christ. I believe that the Steward of God in the kingdom full of love and compassion to his brother who are seriously in living. I need your help of prayer or whatever helps according to the will of God who is willing to help me in spreading the doctrine of Christ through your financial aid in helping my work in the vineyard of God. Thank you so much with the abundances of God's grace and blessing to you and the congregation God will continuous open the windows of heaven in pouring the grace of blessing from God for the seek of the infallible word of Christ to spread and address to the millions of unsaved  souls over the whole word. May the saving power of God will keep in touch to you in loving compassion to His glory and the body of Christ forever.  Please help me to pray and let me know to my request as co-preacher in the church of Christ .
In the Lord services,
Charito C. Argüelles
Church of Christ
#329A, Capitol Road
Surigao City, 8400