pondělí, srpna 14, 2006

Suprises in reading

This afternoon, after I did a lot of work, I came to computer and read statistics about visiting this blog. I can tell you, I was surprised how this blog turns international.
I found visitors from:

Holland (I don`t know the city)
Atlanta (I know bunch of people there)
Prague (Oh, I know many people there)
Dubai (I know one guy from there, but I would be suprised if it were him)
Buenos Aires (I don`t know anyone from there yet)
and one location based upon IP address, but it couldn`t locate that anywhere on earth. Who could that be?

Anyway, nice to see that you all read it. Thank you for the faithfullness.
May God bless you all.

neděle, srpna 13, 2006

summer has a huge impact

Hello you all,

today worship was somewhat special. We had a "huge" number of people in the church. We met at the number of 7 people. It was nice tough, but singing was little bit poor. Anyway I liked it.
All people that didn`t come were out of the room/ surprise :)
Darina went to Kosovo, Mirek, and Horsi didn`t come at all. I have no clue what happen, if they went out for a trip out of city or what, but they didn`t show up.

Anyway it is nice to know that we are all together, knowing that you are with us in the Spirit.

May God bless you, for we feel blessed. But we need prayers, Vitalij has a hard time at his work and he needs your prayer. We pray for Him.

In His name and service,

neděle, srpna 06, 2006

Darina for Kosovo.

Darina went down to south to see her friends, and siblings in Christ in Kosovo. Pray for her trip.

We miss Darina, she is a good example to the church, and is active part in Brno church. She prepares Ladies breakfasts on regular basis, help to prepare the Lord supper, etc.
When she is not here, the body of Christ in Brno is feeling crypled.

Pray for Kosovo, and pray for Brno church. We need your prayers.

Thank you in the name of the Lord Jesus.

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