sobota, dubna 30, 2005

Back again

Hello everyone. Sorry to let you wait. The break I took was not intensional, my computer was broken and had to be repaired. Now works and so I can publish new articles again. We are still alive, and happy. Please pray for Horsi/ you must remember her. An older lady that shares with others all the good stuff she can cook. She is in hospital and yesterday she had an surgery on her shoulder. She felt off the bike last Sunday and broke her anckle and shoulder. She needs your prayers.


sobota, dubna 09, 2005

New Galleries

Here we are, again. As I have promised, here is the new gallery on GACS. It took a while, the server didn`t really work well, but it is here.
Hope you will like it. If you feel you need a better quality pix, email me and I will send it to you.
My email address is

Look forward to read mail from you.

Honza D.

středa, dubna 06, 2005

GACS mission trip 2005

To everyone, peak moment of the average time in Brno took time in the first week of April while Greater Atlanta Christian School has arrived to Brno to spend as much time as possible with students from Videnska high school. It was really nice time for Brno church and this year I took an extra load of pictures. It just takes some time to prepare it. An extra part it there too. I took a video I believe you will like it. Chech this site at Galleries
In His service, Honza D.