pátek, dubna 28, 2006

Sunday lesson for last day of April

On the last day of April I volunteered to preach. There is a bunch of thoughts I need to go through but just in case you wonder what will be a theme here is a link to get inspired.


středa, dubna 26, 2006

Life is change

Wow, time goes so fast. Its already a Wednesday. I can`t believe time goes so fast.

I wanted to post a new article here on Sunday afternoon, but then I realized that whatever I write, it wouldn`t make much since, so I gave up. And here I am, half week later being surprised.

Last worship service was really nice, especially for the fact I could be there at the worship service too. You may know I work on some weekends. I am about to change it. My work contract is to expire at the and of the week, and I am glad for that. I would love to find a job where I don`t have to work on Sundays at all. I would like to do my best to start a Sunday school again. It would be cool.

As of looking for a new job- I have few options already:
Work as a freelance for T-Mobile as a sales manager, that might give me a lot of room in the timeframe of the day so I could accomplish what I hope for the church.

The other would be to work for one import-export company at a tax refunds office.
It might be well paid too. I`ll go to an interview tomorrow afternoon. Pray for me.

And finally I would love to focus as much as possible on teaching English and interpreting. It would be so cool.

As you see there is a lot things that change now. I hope God will bless the church so that all the change in my life can be for benefit of all the church.

pondělí, dubna 17, 2006

Easter traditions in CZ

You may be familiar with that, but for those of you who don`t, here is a story.

In the CZ we do not do an Easter egg hunt as in the USA, instead we do what is called whipping girls. It came from an old pagan custom that believed that with an upcoming spring each girl should be whipped with a fresh offspring of a willow tree. This was supposed to be a blessing to each girl as believed. Nowadays we don`t believe it, but we still stick to an old tradition.

So today my brother and I went out to whip girls. And what a blessing it was to go out in the building where the church gathers. It was a wonderfull chance to meet neighbours in the building and chat a bit. I feel very blessed as we did so.

Lets pray this will bring some more fruits then just fun at the Easter.

neděle, dubna 16, 2006

Easter fire


Light the fire
in my soul,
fan the flame
make me whole

these are the lyrics of one song that desribes the desire to serve and to be closer to God the Father.
Yesterday I had a chance to go to a worhip service where this fire was lit as a reminder of the light in soul of every individual. It was something special, so easter like. I like it.

I had a chance to meet few friends and to talk to them for a bit, and it was a worship service where I didn`t have a duty.

May God bless your easter time as He blessed mine. Posted by Picasa

pátek, dubna 07, 2006

Six new galleries

Hey you all,

after one week filled with various activities with children from Dagmar, and high school at Videnska, we are back to our daily duties. We are filled with nice experience how to serve God, and loaded with pictures as sweet reminder to our nice time together.

Here is a link that leads to six new galleries that I shot last week.

I hope you`ll enjoy it.

In Him,

neděle, dubna 02, 2006

Saturday trip to LEdnice


It was awesome time. It was nice weather, bus came on time, we`ve got there on time. and everybody was happy. We were blessed with discount at the castle, we paid half price for a visit. The easter hunt was successfull, all eggs were found too. Kids from childrens home were happy. Lets hope they will come to todays worship service. Posted by Picasa