sobota, září 30, 2006



This is Horsi`s flower that she brought to the church one day. It is a piece of art to me. I place it here so all people can enjoy it. Posted by Picasa

pátek, září 29, 2006

Affirmations for new possibilities:

I see my world as a place of glorious possibilities.

I embrace each new beginning, putting aside any thoughts of fear or doubt.

I move forward toward the future with confidence.

My way is straight, and my steps are sure.

I great each day with an eager anticipation of new possibilities.

úterý, září 26, 2006

Affirmations for life mission:

I joyfully embrace my mission in life as it is expressed through my work.

I search for ways to serve the world and people around me.

I courageously move toward the fulfillment of my mission.

In everything I do, I am empowered by the Spirit God.

I am well prepared for my right work.

pátek, září 22, 2006

The spiritually evolved individual is an extraordinary loving individual, and with his or her extraordinary love comes extraordinary joy.

M. Scott Peck

úterý, září 19, 2006

Affirmations for thinking:

The work of transformation is done within me.

All my thoughts contribute to my happiness and well-being.

I recognize and correct all limiting thoughts that stand on the way of my health and happiness.

I am able to retain and recall information easily and effortlessly.

I learn to control my destiny by controlling my thoughts.

neděle, září 17, 2006

New activities:

Finaly, after over one year period we managed to renew our regular activities.

We started to meet again on regular basis for:

Wednesday evening 7:00 p.m. Prayers and encouragement

Sunday school 9:00 a.m. Sunday School

Sunday worship 10:00

The last one has always taken place at our church, just a reminder that we do meet even in this time. Feel free to come, and pray for us. We need to grow.

Affirmations for love:

I am created to give love, and to be love.

I let love to take place in my heart.

Love leads me to greater joy and peace, faith, confidence, and fulfillment.

I deny appearances which are out of harmony with the true spirit of love.

I relax in the realization of pure and unconditional divine love.

More about today`s quote you can find here

středa, září 13, 2006

Retreat in Poland

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by coffeelover11

Here are some(107) pictures from the church retreat in Poland.

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by coffeelover11

Tasting there traditional beverage. It is good, but not as good as czech one.

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by coffeelover11

Wave for you.

sobota, září 02, 2006


The Wisdom of God
The wisdom of god stretches from sea to sea and land to land,
The wisdom of God reaches out to anyone reaching out his hand,
The wisdom of God is found in the scriptures given for you,
The wisdom of God with be there in any experience to help you through,
The wisdom of God is not a secret for the educated and divine,
The wisdom of god is there for anyone who will give God the time,
The wisdom of God encourages, comforts, and guides me and you,
The wisdom of God is a special gift from a special God who loves you!