pátek, dubna 03, 2009

body of Christ

Dear Brother and sister in Christ,
May the Lord Jesus keep you and love's you praise the Lord.
This is my second letter I send I hope it would come in your heart to respond my letter as one body of Christ in the kingdom.  You know we re so very cripple financially specially to our monthly needs. My spiritual work sincerely needs of help to the body of Christ in which until looking waiting for love and compassion.
Please let me know to my request if it would have hope relevant of my spiritual work in Christ Jesus and being one body of Christ.  I am waiting your reply of compassion concerning of my request that I was sent to you. Please help me to pry our prayer continuously towards you.
In the Lord services,
Charito C. Argüelles
Church of Christ
#329, Capitol Road
Surigao City, 8400